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Friday, 27 November 2015

Hipperz chucks a "Bi-polar" hissy fit and then is called out by James fudge packer

Looks like Hipperz is having another senior moment where he loses it. I swear, someone needs to pt him in a home or a mental institute. The guys both psychotic and bipolar. His wife probably endures the angry side of him every time he has a turn.


I only hope things get better.

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hallo all!

I just thought I'd let you know after a while of thinking and pondering i decided to open the blog back up to the public. I may not post really or actively, but there are heaps and heaps of posts that you can read on this site some good stuff. As for me, I am not an active blogger. But yeah, feel free to scurry through the blog as much as you want it's open to the public!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lardos been busy

And by busy I mean trying to be able to broadcst on vaughn live again. What a tard admitting it

Yes lardo we know who owns this channel you are specifically saying it.

How can any fucking person be this retarted? Sierously?


I guess it takes a retard to be a retard. Especially if it's a crowd of old geriatrics circle jrking eachother.

LMAO I'm done

Shawnio loves pampering himself


Is it normal that an average canadian  man will grope himself live on a streamcast or am I seeing things? LMAO

 And then we have this. Shawnio of course of all people buying himself new shit.

Oh boy what next?

This one's for you Shawny buddy ;)

Meanwhile at scuttles blog



They are running around like chickens with their heads chopped like FUCK FUCK FUCK what do we do? Our holy sexual blog partner is gone. LOL

Rest assured I am sure Scuttles is sexually repreiving the Macgregor upon these harsh times lol.

Does anyone renember this blog?

That's because its another one of Shawns genuis blog. I mean although this is back from the old BlogTV days, this still stands as a mark of Shawn's pedoness stalking guys and calling them pedos
Cause he couldn't actually get to the girl first. Let's dig deeper into this manifestation of shit shall we?


So wait, although you were caught out at one point for asking a make junior on Blogtv to flop his dick out. You still actually think you are serving justice "catching pedos" on BlogTV?

Now the irony in this whole entire blog speaks for itself.


What happened JTV woodshed?


Possibly one of the greatest blog sites on the internet went down for some reason.
I really really hope this wasn't TOS related at all..


Today we hold our heads down and raise our flag for this blog. May it rest in piss.

Perhaps Macgregor broke the TOS?

PS Dont take this literally Macgregor I love your blog and shit and I hope you get it fixed. :)

When the cats out of the bag

I was actually planning on releasing this from my cast. It's an archive of m show involving Lardo, Scuttles, and several other people we won't mention. However, this clip shows the hypocrasy of these people and how they fall for this shit constantly like gariatric old flies stuck to shit. Enjoy.

Forgive the delay it takes me a while to load within the page and shit but it is worth the wait. Or you could scroll across till you hear lardos voice. The whole video contains lardo blabbing and shitting about like the moron he is. I had to be AFK at some point BUT I RECORDED THE WHOLE SHOW mainly I think.

Guys n gals, there aint much to say here but that these old gariatrics who see themselves as a bleak
hope or a sort of godlike figure or authority figure can't even pull their own fingers out their ass before coming to the realization that there are smarter people out there then you. Lardo claims he doxed Shawnio the truth of the matter being is that he didn't he does claim quite alot of bullshit but he can't back his own claims up.

These guys are a joke now and you all really really need to get yourselves together. You see I have a job I am employed where as these bloggers who are trying to raise thier claim to fame are just jobless and hopeless Lardo, Jstevio, Hippers no offence but being retired pensioners doesn't help the fact you guys are pitied upon and laughed at so I am going to leave this here.

Daniel B Lardner Age: 60-64

1117 2nd Ave NE Largo, FL 33770-2521
Doug the bug 
4445 E Bay Dr. Ste. #307, Clearwater, FL 33764, United States

+1 727-449-2847

David W Blount Age: 60-64

Phone number
142 Amber Cir New Holland, PA 17557-9422

Shawn Mquaid

132 Bower Street Acton, Ontario. Apartment 2
You guys don't care and think your dox are out there so who cares right? 


Thursday, 9 October 2014

Welcome to the Mcquaid Family renuinion lol.

Here we can see where the family get together as one. Well, the whole family i am not sure about Shawn but I am sure alot of people like him are going to be around the area



Mr Shawns family has a nice house

I love the house shawnio. I bet you know exactly whos house this is lol.


Check it out:

Shawn Mquaid is still obsessed with 17 year olds...

Sierously bruh? You are still obsessed with that kid? That you would stalk his twitter?



Just renember guys, this dude is like 30 or something and he is still stalking a 17 year old supposedly. This is actually strane behaviour and I would reccomend having a talk to his mummy Terri

This dude needs some sierous help if he still talks minors on the internet for a living. Mind you if he was in jail doing it I am sure his prison buddies would give him a little lesson the the ettiquitte of knowing your bounds. But we still love ya scrawnio ;)

Awww shit just got real lol!

Shawnio dun goof'd lol!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

This is leej_photographer...And wow..

First impressions are important I guess lol

Wait, why the fuck is this dude actually broadcasting? I mean of all the places he could he chose vaughn.

Realman is drunk again

This dude is a fucking moron

The whole video consists of Paul being escorted well they tried escorting him out of the house. This is what we call drama But in another form is what realman does to gain attention.

A majority of people were spamming the chat and shit but others were clueless into what was happening. This guy is drinking himself to death.

Whoever made Justcast can't spell for shit

Regarless of the owner being from the united kingdom you'd think he would be able to spell the word registered?


I am starting to think the guy who made this site is either illiterate or has a severe case
Of Dyslexia. :)

Hipperz ragequits!

It's about time to. Now he's gonna go cast on another site lol!

Here we are where Hipperz for like what the 5-6th time ragequitting and insulting the Vaughn staff?

Lardo is confused about his own sexuality

I am not one to judge anothers sexuality but I feel Lardo is deeply deeply confused about his sex life. He goes from wife beating to pedophilia and now to cross dressers on cam 4 lol.

This is hipperz


How hasn't this dumbfuck killed himself yet?

Ladies and gentlemen I give you ANOTHER nedrauk lol.

It's true. Joker444 is a "pussy" because he is afraid of guys.

I didn't have to say anything. He admitted it. The chat itself was pretty funny I gotta admit.

FYI: If you come across joker refer to this video for him ;)

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